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Special Episode - Hope blooms in renal realms! (uOttawa SciComm 2023)

December 05, 2023 BEaTS Research Radio Season 1 Episode 163
BEaTS Research Radio's Podcast
Special Episode - Hope blooms in renal realms! (uOttawa SciComm 2023)
Show Notes

Félix Labonté, an undergraduate student in the Translational and Molecular Medecine program at the University of Ottawa speaks with Dr. Dylan Burger. Dr. Burger is an associate professor at The University of Ottawa in The Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, cross-appointed member in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and an investigator at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Tune into today's podcast to learn more about Dr. Burger's research, published in the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles which demonstrates how extracellular vesicles secreted by the kidneys could potentially be used for targeted therapy advancing our knowledge on diabetic nephropathy and treatments. 

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0:16  | Introduction
1:00  | Dr. Dylan Burger Introduction
1:44  | What are extracellular vesicles and what role do they play in healthy cells?
2:52  | What is diabetic nephropathy and why is your lab interested in this condition?
3:55  | What is the impact of diabetic kidney disease on microparticles released by the podocytes?
4:35  | What is the impact of the microparticles released by the podoocytes?
5:57  | What would be the next steps for your lab to complete to understand the mechanism of intracellular communication between the podocytes and the proximal tubule epithelial cells?
7:16  | Are there any specific medications being tested right now as potential treatments for these types of kidney diseases?
8:26  | For extracellular vesicles in general, what's their potential to be used as biomarkers for certain diseases? How could it be used in a clinical setting?
10:24  | Closing remarks
10:48  | Conclusion

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