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Special Episode - Heart-Smart Plastics! (uOttawa SciComm 2023)

December 06, 2023 BEaTS Research Radio Season 1 Episode 169
BEaTS Research Radio's Podcast
Special Episode - Heart-Smart Plastics! (uOttawa SciComm 2023)
Show Notes

Siyona Kassel, a Translational and Molecular Medicine student at the University of Ottawa, interviews Dr. Juan Valerio Cauich-Rodriguez. Dr. Cauich-Rodriguez is a researcher at the Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán in Mexico, possessing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry, a Masters in Polymer Science & Technology, and a PhD in Biomedical Materials. He is currently engaged in the development and assessment of new materials for their role in Regenerative Medicine, with a specific focus on the use of synthesized polymers. In this episode, Dr. Cauich-Rodriguez discusses his research using a unique and innovative polymer blend to advance the field of vascular grafts for medical application.

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0:21 I Introduction: Cardiovascular grafts
0:49 I  Intro to Dr. Juan Valerio Cauich-Rodriguez
1:29  I Dr. Cauich-Rodriguez's science background and current research
3:08  I  Polymers for biomedical applications in Mexico
4:21  I  What are polyurethanes?
6:39  I  Biomaterials as a treatment for cardiovascular disease 
8:40  I  Designing synthetic vascular grafts with polymer blends
10:40  I  Staying on top of the latest advancements in the field of regenerative materials
12:05  I  Personalized medicine and biomaterials 
13:29  I  Dr. Cauich-Rodriguez's future directions

Podcast by Siyona Kassel (Voice), Caleb Lakhani (Content Generation), Paul Nguyen (Producer and Post-Production) 

Credits for music: Soundtrack provided by the Underground Drive all rights reserved. 
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