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Tweeting like Birds! - Special Episode

December 08, 2022 BEaTS Research Radio Season 1 Episode 141
BEaTS Research Radio's Podcast
Tweeting like Birds! - Special Episode
Show Notes

Andrea Corrales-Malaga, Stephanie Lofaro, and Valeria Vasilyeva from the University of Ottawa speak with Dr. Payal Arya, a postdoctoral fellow in the Gobes laboratory in the Department of  Neuroscience at Wellesey College. Tune in to learn more about their recent work published Neuroscience letters, which demonstrates that the brain's left hemisphere plays the dominant role in auditory learning. 

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Andrea Corrales-Malaga (voice), Stephanie Lofaro (post-production), Valeria Vasilyeva (content generation) 

1:00 - Ongoing projects in the Gobes laboratory and Dr. Arya's current research focus 
2:20 - Zebra finches as the researched animal model 
4:00 - Neurological and behavioral differences in male vs. female zebra finch vocalizations
4:46 - Bilateral brain activity publication key findings and hemispheric asymmetry introduction
6:28 - Use of fathers vs. tutor finch substitutes 
7:08 - Techniques and technologies used to achieve results 
9:04 - Song acquisition and speech learning comparison to humans 
10:45 - Evolutionary advantage of neural processing as improved by hemispheric asymmetry 
12:37 - Knowledge application and future directions 

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