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Eye Spy - Special Episode

December 08, 2022 BEaTS Research Radio Season 1 Episode 145
BEaTS Research Radio's Podcast
Eye Spy - Special Episode
Show Notes

Melanie Kirkby from the University of Ottawa interviews Dr. Corinne Berger, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Berger has a bachelor's degree in psychology and English literature, a master's degree in health and medical psychology, and a Ph.D. in neuropsychology. She was previously a post-doctoral fellow in informational/psychological warfare at Ariel University. In this episode, Dr. Berger shares her research on the use of Moxo d-CPT, a computer-based test that can detect ADHD, to determine if someone is feigning their ADHD diagnosis. We discuss the Moxo d-CPT, the research study that was conducted, its promise, and its limitations as of today. 

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Melanie Kirkby (Voice), Zeynep Cildir (Post-production), Kieran Furlong (Producer), Naomi Tecle (Content developer).

0:00 - Introduction to Dr. Corinne Berger and their research into feigned ADHD
2:53 - How Dr. Berger became interested in ADHD research
3:50 - Research Background: What is Moxo-d-CPT, and does it detect ADHD?
7:30 - Research Design: How Moxo-d-CPT was evaluated to detect 'feigned' ADHD
10:35 - Research Results: Was Moxo-d-CPT successful in detecting feigned ADHD?
12:21 - The future uses of Moxo-d-CTP and ADHD research
13:05 - Conclusion and Thanks